The Career Pathway Mentoring Center

The Career Pathway Mentoring Center was established to help individuals of all ages meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals that will help them place themselves on the right career pathway and have a successful career journey.

The first “P” Career Growth Goal is to Position Yourself on the Right Career Pathway. This program consists of:
  • Self-Assessment- interests, academic strengths, personality, skills, values, leadership capability and self employment exploration.
  • Reviewing the World of Work (work sectors, industries, functional areas and positions), conducting exploratory or informational interviews and doing research.
  • Targeting Career Field and Positions- reviewing self and world of work information and targeting a career field and positions that fits you.

We will discuss and identify what career field and positions you should target.

The second “P” Career Growth Goal is to Prepare Yourself for Target Career Field and Positions. This includes taking a practice ACT test, creating a college selection profile and doing the research to identify the curriculum/majors and post high school institutions that will best prepare you for your target career field and positions.

We will also work with you to apply and enroll in your identified undergraduate college or university, trade school or graduate or professional school or certification program. We will also discuss obtaining internships, apprenticeships, being in certification programs, on-the-job training and participating in a management development workshop to prepare you for your targeted position.

The third “P” Career Growth Goal is to Place Self in Targeted Career Field and Positions. This program includes completing tasks to obtain a job offer in your career field and target position-could be obtaining position inside or outside company.
  • Preparing a resume, marketing letters and marketing card that focuses on your target career field and positions.
  • Implementing a system that will obtain interviews
  • Marketing you to targeted departments and organizations
  • Interviewing practice
  • Negotiating an offer and not losing it
  • On-boarding strategy.
The fourth “P” Career Growth Goal is to Perform at a High Level in High School, College and Work. We will establish tasks with you that need to be completed to meet this goal.
The fifth “P” Career Growth Goal is to obtain Personal Satisfaction from High School, College and Work. We will discuss any challenges or dissatisfaction you are experiencing in high school, college or work and identify ways and tasks that need to be completed to meet the challenge so you become satisfied with your present situation.
We charge $90 per hour for career consulting plus a fee for a soft cover book. The 15 podcasts are provided free as part of the program.
We charge a flat fee of $500 for a three month job placement program which meets Goal # Three- Placing Yourself in Your Targeted Career Field and Positions. This program covers career pathway positioning, preparation and placement mentoring. We also provide a soft cover book, an assessment program plus The "Nifty Fifty" Career Transitioning Club.
The Club was established to help those in our job placement program. We meet once a month to network, share job leads, and hear guest speakers that can help our clients advance in their career. Everyone in the club has the opportunity to build a career profile and the profile is marketed to targeted organizations.
The Career Pathway Mentoring Center is open to individuals who do not have a Career Pathway Mentor but would like to work with one to plan their career and find new employment.
Call Dr. Mulligan at 847-981-5725 (office) or 847 533-1648 (cell) to discuss your situation and book an appointment. You can also email him at

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