Career Pathway Mentoring Center

“Ending Up Where You Want to Be In Your Career & Life”

The Career Pathway Mentoring Center

Offers Four Services to Help Individuals with Career Planning, Management and Employment

1. One-On-One Counseling and Mentoring

2. The Nifty 50 Elite Club- Helping Members Identify Next Position and Acquire It.
3. Career Directors Association-Creating an In-House Mentor/Mentee Program
4. Helping C-Suite Executives Excel or Leave

                                                               Service One

                                     One-On-One Counseling and Mentoring

We will use the book ‘Your Route 5 Career Pathway Plan” and will implement the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan that is described in the book. The PLAN asks you to identify and complete specific tasks each year to meet each of the Five “P” Career Growth Goals so you keep advancing in your career. We charge $90 an hour plus $50 for a regular book & assessments. We can focus on meeting one or all five career goals..
1.“Positioning” Self on the Right Career Pathway s
2.“Preparing” Self for Target Career Field & Positions.
3. “Placing” Self in Target Career Field & Positions
4.“Performing” at a High Level in High School, College and at Work to advance.

5. “Personal Satisfaction’ with Your High School, College and Work Experience.

                                                                              Service Two

                                                        Participating in the Nifty 50 Elite Club

We want to take in the best people we can in this program which includes:
• One- On-One counseling and mentoring, assessment and identifying next position.
• Development marketing materials that brand you.
• Helping member obtain interviews and sell self in the interview. We can review over 300 questions we
have in our system that might be asked.
• Job search and educational meetings. We put our clients together based on functional areas, salary and experience for certain sessions and put all our clients together to network & learn at appropriate sessions.
• We follow up with a client once employed and keep his resume in our files. Once in the program, always in the program. We want a large networking group.

We charge $395 to help a member obtain a job within two months and $100 a month thereafter to stay in the program. Hopefully, it is a short job search. Includes books and assessments.

                                                                           Service Three

Career Directors Association- Helping Career Directors in Organizations Create a Mentor /Mentee Program to Build A “Best in Field” Culture

We would like to create a Career Directors Association and meet monthly by zoom to discuss how members have developed their Mentor and Mentee Program and what they are doing to improve it. We would also like to conduct a weekly workshop in Traverse City Michigan each summer at Northwestern College to share ideas, discuss important career mentoring topics and review how to train individuals on operating as an effective Career Pathway Mentor and Performance Facilitator.

We can train future Career Pathway Mentors in member organizations on how to Excel as a Team Unit Leader
and One-On-One Career Pathway Mentor and Performance Facilitator implementing our Route 5 Career Pathway Plan and “Task Expert Process”, We want to help Career Pathway Mentors/Managers/Advisors
transform reports and their department into “Best in Their Field”.

The Career Pathway Mentor or manager can use our Task Expert Process to help his or her report or mentee
identify the tasks that he/she needs to complete. They evaluate each task with mentee on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 representing being an expert in completing the task. If the report ranks his or her expertise at 1 or 2, the manager or a Specialist Mentor in the organization coaches him or her on becoming an expert in completing the task. 


A Specialist Mentor list on completing specific tasks is placed in a computer program so the organization needs who to contact later. This process can help employees move to different positions in the organization which will increase employment satisfaction and retention plus build a “best in field” culture. We charge $150 an hour to work with a Career Director.

                                                                                  Service Four

                                               Helping a C-Suite Executive Excel On the Job or Leave

When you arrive in the C-Suite, you have much pressure on you to produce especially when managing a wall street company or a private company. There have been more CEOs leaving companies in the past year than ever in the past. Could CEOs and other Chief Level Officers use more help from the outside to excel as a team unit leader or if handcuffed have assistance in moving to another position in another organization.

We offer a number of ways to help C-Suite executives 
• Dr. Mike Mulligan who has counseled and coached over 100 CEOs and 600 other Chief Level Officers can serve as a sounding board and team builder. He has a PH.D. and M.A. in counseling and worked as Management Development Director of Century 21 of Northern Illinois helping franchise owners write a business plan and build and manage a team to make profit.
• We can help The Chief Level Officer build a “Best in Field” team and get on a Board of another company if desired.
• We can help the Chief Level Officer Leave the Company for another if desired to do so.

We like to discuss what the Chief Level Officer’s needs are the most to help him or her, then develop an action plan and agree upon a fee

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