We thank the following sponsors for making the pdf books, podcasts and webinars on this website free. Our sponsors want to help their employees as well as all Americans with career planning and management so each individual has the opportunity to end up in the place they want to be in their career and life.

The sponsors selected Dr. Mike Mulligan and his firm Mulligan & Associates to develop and manage the website because they have been in the career consulting business over 37 plus years and helped over 8.000 people of all ages with career and college planning and employment. 


Dr. Mulligan, the architect of the website, worked as a high school teacher/coach, 15 years in higher education (Michigan State, Ga. Tech, University of Georgia and the American College Testing Program), Management Development Director of Century 21 of Northern Illinois, Owner and CEO of Mulligan & Associates. He has written six books, created 15 assessments & counseled 1,500 individuals of all ages. 


Dr. Mulligan developed The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan, a career planning and management process individuals can implement to end up where they want to be.

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