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"Research indicates that goal commitment, motivation and self management are nearly as important to student success as academic ability. While most freshmen college orientation texts focus on acculturation and surviving the first year of college, attention to self management and goal setting is woefully lacking. The Five Goal College Plan fills that void. It is a student orientation and planning text unlike any others providing students with a blueprint and tools and templates to manage their path through college and into a successful career. I recommend it highly."


-Dr. Wesley Habley-Consultant and Former Assistant Vice President, ACT Program, Iowa City Iowa (National Authority and Speaker on College Student Retention)


"Dr. Mulligan understands the connection between career planning, a college education and having a successful career journey. He is realistic, strategic and tactical in his approach. Dr. Mulligan identifies five goals and creates tasks that need to be completed to meet each goal. If college students meet the five goals, they can truly say their college education served as career and life launching pad for them. The five goals include:

- Graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in 4 or 4.5 years
- Assessing yourself as a self manager and leader and becoming both
- Assessing yourself as a career planner and manager and becoming both
- Assessing yourself and world of work and choosing a tentative career field, occupation and related college major
- Creating and executing a a year to year plan to be employed at graduation


Another unique feature of the book includes The Family Partner Expectation PAC, a document that helps parents and the college student identify what they can expect from each other. If educators don't use this book to help their students, parents should purchase a copy and review it with their son or daughter. With the rising cost of higher education, it is important students set relevant goals and meet them so they graduate in four years with a degree and job in their chosen career field."


-Steve Langerud- Consultant and former Director of Professional Opportunities, DePauw University (National recognized Career Consultant regularly cited for his work on employment and workplace issues by media including Voices of America, MSNBC, Philadelphia Inquirer, CNN.com, New York Post, CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Career Builder and Wall Street Journal)

The Five Goal College Plan

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