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There is a strong need for team unit leaders to raise their functioning level as a performance facilitator and helping communicator.

A study in March 2010 by Career Builder revealed that 27% of 5,700 workers said that they are constantly bullied by their manager.

The Bully-Aggressive-Direct (B.A.D.) Management Style can build an abrasive and rude culture where employees imitate their leaders. This manual includes four sections that can help team unit leaders and their direct reports improve their capabilty to help others be civil, humanistic, positive and successful.

In section one, the reader will have the opportunity to take three assessment surveys to learn where they are functioning as a perfromance facilitator & helping communicator.

In section two, the reader will learn the two parts of the Model-the three stages of The Performance Faciltiaton Process and the three Helping Communication Skills that need to be mastered and executed.

In section three, the reader will identify where he/she is functioning and then learn how to become an effective perfromance faciltiator and helping communicator.

In section four, the reader will learn how to execute the Model in One-On-One sessions and Team meetings.

Sharpening My One-On-One Performance Facilitation & Helping Communication Skills

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