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What Chief Human Resource Executives and Executive Recruiters Say About the Author and This Book MOVING OUT AND MOVING UP:


"The insights revealed and described in MOVING OUT AND MOVING UP are excellent and reflect the 26 plus years of career counseling and coaching experience of Dr. Mulligan."


-Mick Donahue - Retained Executive Recruiter, Donahue and Patterson


"Executives need to be educated on how to leave, find and enter companies in a positive manner so their career takes off rather than being injured.


Dr. Mulligan's book is a model approach to helping executives move successfully from one company to another, excel as a leader and improve their position. This book can be adopted as it is laid out or modified to meet the comfort level of each executive who uses it."


-Robert Keith - Senior Vice President, CNA


"As Chief Human Resource Executive for Montgomery Ward, I asked Dr. Mulligan to work with the senior executives we dismissed. His style, approach and process helped these individuals find new positions and move up to be leaders in their industry. Everything he learned helping our executives become successful was put in this book."


-Robert Kasenter- Chief Administrative Officer, EZ Corporation


"Dr. Mulligan does an excellent job of covering the five phases one needs to focus on when leaving one company, transitioning to another and being successful. Dr. Mulligan is a leader in his field and has hit a home run with this book."


-Russell Lockridge- Chief Human Resources Officer, Brunswick Corporation


"I gave Dr. Mulligan his first outplacement assignment in 1982 when I was a Vice President of Human Resources at Tenneco Automotive. It was the President of our company and Mike did an outstanding job helping him find another position. While in the search business the past 20 plus years, I have always referred executives with outplacement packages to him. This book contains everything an executive needs to know to move from company to company and step up as a leader."


-Art Davidson - Retained Executive Recruiter, TSI


"This book not only helps executives deal with stress during the job search, but helps them with career direction, finding a new position, integrating themselves in the new company and excelling as a leader. Dr. Mulligan's knowledge, experience and personality was why I asked him to work with the executives leaving our company. I always felt he was the best in the career consulting field."


-Gary Snodgrass- Former Chief Human Resource Officer-Exelon Corporation

Mulligan's Executive Career Transitioning Model: Moving Out and Moving Up

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