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A Book That Advances Careers and Organizations

Dr. Mulligan s Triangle Team Leadership Model is a process that all team unit leaders need and can use to transform themselves, their direct reports and units into best in their fields.


-Rich Waller V.P. Association of Business Process Management Professionals

Dr. Mulligan divided this manual into four sections. The Triangle Team Leadership Model is described in the first section. The mission of Being the Best in Our Field is discussed and sample goals and objectives are presented , that if met, would make direct reports best at their position, the unit best in its functional area and the organization best in its industry.

In the second section, you have the opportunity to participate in the Team Leader Analysis and Improvement Program. You take assessments and score them to analyze your strengths and weaknesses as a team unit leader and then develop an improvement program so you can excel as a leader.

In the third section, you learn The TEAM Program. You evaluate your skills to lead a group, analyze the group dynamics of your team unit and learn a process to build a cohesive team that wants and will work together to be Best in Their Field.

In the fourth section, you learn how implement the One-On-One Career Mentor and Performance Facilitator Program. You assess yourself as a career mentor, helper, performance facilitator and learn how to use the Task Expert Process to transform direct reports into expert performers, the team unit into best in its functional area and the organization best in its industry.

Excelling as a Team Leader: Helping Team Members & the Unit Be Best in Field

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