Nifty 50 Leadership & Career Advancement Club

Info and Registration- The mission of the Nifty 50 Leadership & Career Advancement Club is to offer a mentoring service and conduct leadership and career advancement programs to help members excel as leaders in their career field and move forward to where they want to be in their career & life.

Six Leadership & Career Advancement Programs- Benefits

#1- High School Career Planning, Self-Management & Leadership Development, College Selection and Enrollment

• You will learn & execute Route 5 Career Pathway Plan
• You will identify your leadership skills & talent and develop them by being in leadership positions.
• You will target a tentative career pathway to pursue
• You will become a self-manager before leaving home
• You will be in a Career, College, Life Prep Program
• You will take a practice ACT test and review results
• You will fill out College Selection Profile identifying what is important to you in choosing a college.
• You will apply to your top five to seven colleges and visit those that admit you asking the right questions
• You will fill out FAFSA and obtain as much money as possible to pay for your college expenses
• You will choose the appropriate college major and develop a plan to graduate from college in four years being employed in your chosen career field.

#2- College Major Targeting, Career Preparation, Graduation, and Placement

• You will learn & execute Route 5 Career Pathway Plan
• You will identify your talent and develop it
• You will join organizations of interest and develop your leadership skills in that organization
• You will target a career pathway and choose right major
• You will take internships & jobs to gain work experience
• You will become a self-manager taking care of business
• You will develop and execute a plan to graduate in four years employed in your chosen career field.


#3- Post College Career Field Positioning, Placement and Management
• You will position self in right career field,
• You will acquire best position for you at this time
• You will work with your manager to be a leader in your present position and prepare for the next position so you advance in the company.
• You will work with your mentor to decide when you leave your work position for another or graduate school


#4- Being in Management & Excelling as Team Unit Leader
• You will have the opportunity to learn a Performance Management System and how to operate as a One-On-One Career Mentor and Performance Facilitator to develop ‘best in field” employees, departments and organization. We use the book, Excelling as a Leader.
• We will assess the functioning level of participants as a One-On-One Helping Communicator and Performance Facilitator and their skill level to perform specific leadership and management tasks. A mentoring program will be created to help a member improve in the areas that are identified as essential to be successful.

#5- Becoming an Entrepreneur & Managing Own Business
• We will discuss how to start a business, buy an existing business or franchise & be successful.


#6 Moving Out and Moving Up
• We will discuss a five phase career transitioning process in the book Moving Out and Moving Up which helped 7.500 clients move out of their present company into another and excel on the job.
• We offer a special technology program to help C-Suite members or senior executives be hired on the board of another company or leave their present company if they choose to do so or are asked to leave.


Our Operating Philosophy

1. We limit our six programs to 50 members. We want each member be a leader and advance their career.
2. Dr. Mike Mulligan, who has a background in career counseling, assessment and leadership development will assess each member and discuss their results in regard to their program so a growth Plan is created.
3. Members are assigned Specialty Career Mentors from specific work sectors, industries, and functional areas to learn more about their targeted career field and positions. Our Mentors also help members complete their predetermined tasks to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals in their Route 5 Career Pathway Plan.
4. Parents are asked to serve as a Family Self Manager Mentor on the Triangle Mentoring Team helping their young adult become a self- manager & independent.
5. The Triangle Mentoring Team helps each member meet their Five “P” Career Growth Goals and build a strong network to acquire future positions

6. We want all our members to learn & execute the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan (a career planning & management model) that asks one to identify complete yearly tasks to meet the following Five “P”
Career Growth Goals.
• Positioning self on the right career pathway
• Preparing self for chosen career field
• Placing self in targeted career field
• Performing tasks to meet career/school/work goals
• Personal satisfaction in performance & situation


7. Young adults can start in the High School Leadership and Career and College Selection Program and then participate in other career advancement programs.
8. An individual can participate in just one of our six career advancement programs & become an alum with the opportunity to keep his or her resume in our files to market them.
9. Once an individual completes one program, we will keep their resume on file and they will remain in the Club as part of our alumni network.
10 . All members and their mentor have access to website with its’ career pdf books, assessments & career journey podcasts.

•We charge a starting fee of $550 to register for each career advancement program but the C-Suite program. This fee pays for books, being assessed by Dr. Mulligan, reviewing assessment results, developing a success plan for one's chosen career advancement program and first three months in program.
• We charge a quarterly fee (every three months) of $225 after the initial first 3 months to help members complete their yearly PLAN. We will spend 90 minutes each month One-On-One and conduct monthly support and educational sessions for them.
• We charge a flat fee of $15,000 to help a C-Suite or senior executive get on a Board of another company or leave their company for another. Much of this fee pays a technology firm in New York to get members in front of over 100 CEOs and board members of other companies for conversations and to be hired

To learn about our policies, mentoring staff and advisory Council, review tab "About Us". Call Dr. Mulligan 847 533-1648 (cell) to discuss a program and register for it.