Nifty 50 Elite Club

We invite those who need help with career direction and finding their next position to meet with a mentor in our Career Pathway Mentoring Center and participate in our Nifty 50 Elite Club to obtain their target position.

We want talented members in the Club so companies/organizations want to always hire our members. We will help each client target their next position, create marketing materials and develop and execute a marketing plan to obtain interviews. We will coach our clients on interviewing so they obtain offers. We will conduct weekly job networking and education sessions on zoom or face to face to help clients excel in the next job. 


We charge $395 the first two months to be a member of the Nifty 50
Elite Club
. This includes three hours of One-On-One mentoring, materials, marketing help and offering career development and job search webinars. We charge $100 a month thereafter until a client is placed.

Once in the Club, we will work as a team helping clients obtain interviews and their next targeted position. When you obtain your targeted position, you will become an alum of the Club which means staying in touch and being part of a career advancement network. There is no fee to be an alum as we will keep your resume up to date and in our files.

We have divided the Club into three divisions. They are:
• The Management and Professional Division (All Ages)
• The Work Force Specialists/Non-Management Division (35 to 65)
• The Millennial/Non-Management Division (17 to 32)

We will have group sessions with members in the same division and group sessions with all members so clients can meet and get to know each other. We want members to establish a network so it easier to stay employed.

If interested in being a member of the Nifty 50 Elite Club, please call Dr. Mike Mulligan at 847 533-1648 or email him at: