Mentoring Directors Institute


Helping Young and Older Adults Plan and Manage

Successful Career Journey

The Mentoring Directors Institute was established to help Directors from sponsoring organizations build a successful in-house mentoring program.

1. Only Mentoring Directors from organizations sponsoring our website and those from chosen educational institutions can be members of the Institute. There is no fee to be a member but we charge a small fee to attend educational meetings.

2. Every new Mentoring Director will be offered membership in the Institute and will be invited to attend a full day initial workshop focusing on Organizing and Implementing a Career Mentoring Program .  Mentoring Directors should call 847 981-5725 to talk with Dr. Mike Mulligan.


3. Every Mentoring Director will have the opportunity to attend a full day workshop conducted each month on Finding and Training Career Pathway Mentors. They should call 847 981-5725 and talk to Dr. Mike Mulligan.

We will offer a week long workshop during the summer in Traverse City Michigan for Directors from high schools, colleges and companies. The workshop date, place and cost will be announced before January, 2020.


We will publish monthly newsletters discussing what Directors are doing to be successful and offer webinars. We will ask our Mentoring Directors to provide input to our website to improve it each year.


Dr. Mike Mulligan established the Mentoring Directors Institute because he felt without someone to initiate, organize and manage a mentoring program in an organization, there would never be one. Dr. Mulligan has experience in organizing programs having been Director of Student Orientation at the U of Georgia, Chairman of the State of Georgia College Night Program,  coordinating four ACT State Wide Councils and heading up the Management Development Academy of Century 21 of Northern Illinois. His firm Mulligan & Associates helped 9,000 people with career planning and job placement conducting individual sessions and implementing hundreds of group workshops.