The world of work is constantly changing and more people will need help with career planning & management.

·      The Bureau of labor statistics reports individuals will work in 11.9 jobs from 18 to 50 and have seven careers.  (5.5 jobs from 18 to 24, 4.5 jobs from 25 to 34, 2.9 jobs from 35 to 44 and 1.7 jobs from 45 to 50)

·      The majority of individuals will work for six to eight organizations. Where is the safest
place to work today? How important is job security for people today?

Who is helping millennials 16 to 35 in high school, college and at work with career planning and management?

·      Twenty five percent or 500,000 students who take the ACT each year are uncertain of a
college major

·       Eighty percent of college students change their major at least once and on average college students change their major two or three times. The overall college graduation rate has been six years in most colleges and universities because every major change brings additional course work to obtain the degree.

·       Fewer than 20 percent of college students reach out to the College Career Center for help. If they do, it’s in their senior year when they need to write a resume, discuss interviewing or attend a Career Fair.

·       From 2010 to 2019, the number of Bachelor degrees awarded for those 25 and older increased from 29.9% to 36%. High schools and colleges push the need for a college degree but is there a return on investment for a B.A.in a certain major? The Federal Reserve Bank of New York did a study in 2019 and found only 27% of college graduates work in a career field related to their major. Does this mean 73% of grads learned how to perform their work on the job?

·      There are now 4500 colleges and the majority are fighting for new students. Student retention & enrollment is the name of the game. The idea is for every student we retain for next year, there is one less student we have to recruit. Unfortunately, the majority of colleges don’t focus on helping a student select a career pathway & graduate in 4 years with a job in their chosen career field. 

·       Over 30% of those 25 and older live at home because of college debt, a low paying job or no job. Many of these individuals are zig zagging from job to job trying to figure out their career direction.

·      Most Mangers at work focus on production and getting the work done and not providing career planning and advancement mentoring to their reports. Gallup said 82% of those chosen for management by companies are bad choices. We say they are not prepared properly in college, graduate school and many times on the job to operate as a One-On-One Career Pathway Mentor and Performance Facilitator to help their reports “be best” in the present job and be trained for a new position.  Challenge & career direction are key motivators.

We have developed a website www.managemycareer.info that features The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan, a career planning and management model that one can execute each year with their chosen Career Pathway Mentor that will take him or her to where they want to end up in their career and life.  The PLAN is in the book My Career Mentor and Me which Dr. Mulligan wrote and is on our website. The website describes a five step process that someone who wants to operate as a Career Mentor can implement with their mentee The website was developed by Dr. Mulligan with input from our professional staff and advisory council. .

We ask an individual pay a $25 a month subscription fee and they will have access to the book My Career Mentor and Me plus 11 other pdf career books, 20 assessments and 15 career podcasts and can participate in our Career Pathway Mentoring Center. We also offer four services in our Career Pathway Mentoring Center for family members and individuals who need career help. We charge a small fee for these services. You can review these four services under Career Pathway Mentoring Center on this website.

A major reason for working with us is that Dr. Mike Mulligan and our staff have unbelievable credentials and work experience.  Dr. Mulligan’s career includes working one year as a high school teacher/coach, 16 years in higher education (Michigan State, Georgia Tech, U of Georgia and the American College Testing Program), two years as Management Development Director for Century 21 and over 30 years as owner of my firm Mulligan & Associates. Dr. Mulligan has served as a Fellow Manager with the International Career Certification Institute and Chairman of the Alma College Career Advisory Council. He wrote six books and has a PH.D. in counseling, assessment, group work and leadership development. Dr. Mulligan’s dissertation focused on “Building Leaders”. Review about us on website to review the background of our staff and advisors

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