What is ManageMyCareer?

ManageMyCareer is a Division of Mulligan & Associates, Inc.:

Mulligan & Associates, Inc. is a career management consulting firm that utilizes the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to help people plan and manage their career journey.

Would you like to mentor someone to career success, or do you need a career mentor to guide you to your dream career?

As a career mentor, you will:

     1. Help a mentee determine their targeted career path 

     2. Help the mentee obtain their targeted career opportunities 

     3. Maximize the mentee's personal and professional satisfaction in high school,

         college, and work

As a career mentee, you will:

     1. Receive the guidance of a career mentor to determine your targeted career path

     2. Receive help to pursue your targeted career opportunities 

     3. Maximize your personal and professional satisfaction in high school, college, and







Mulligan and Associates offers Mentor Training and Mentoring programs, as well as exclusive online content and books, to make your dream career a reality.