Our Mission:

To help those 15 to 65 years of age achieve their
ultimate career and life goals. You execute the

Route 5 Career Pathway Plan (a career planning
and management process) by completing
specific tasks each year to meet the following
Five “P” Career Growth Goals.

Position Self on The Right Career Pathway
Prepare Self for Targeted Career Field and
Place Self in Targeted Career Field and
Perform Specific Tasks In High School, 

   College and Work To Meet Career Growth

Personal Satisfaction In Your Performance

   and Situation Where You Have Put Yourself

You do this by using the book My Career Mentor
and Me
or the book The Route 5 Career Pathway
with a chosen Career Pathway Mentor, alone or with a support group.

Manage My Career.Info

A website that introduces the


"A process that takes you where you

want to end up in your career & life."

You can execute the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan alone or with a Career Pathway Mentor from your high school, college, work place or from our firm, Mulligan & Associates. We
have helped over 7,500 people
with career planning and obtaining employment. You can also implement the Plan in a class or with a job search support group.

Why Plan and Manage Your Career Journey?

  • Planning is determining where you are today and where you want to be
    tomorrow (targeting a date and time).

  • Seventy five percent of Americans make $50,000 or less. If Individuals don’t
    plan and manage their career journey, they reduce their chance to change their socio-economic place in life.

  • Twenty five percent of two million students taking the ACT or 500,000
    students are unsure of a college major.

  • Sixty percent of college students change their major two or three times
    which means most graduate in six years.

  • The average worker will change companies six to seven times and career
    pathways two or three times. What’s the next job target to stay employed?

  • Pensions are being dropped for 401K programs which might mean working
    longer. Where can you work past 60 years of age?

The Benefits of Participating

Our primary objective is to help you place yourself on the right career pathway and advance to meet your ultimate career and life goals. We describe below how our website materials can be used to help individuals advance from H.S. to retirement.

Program # 1- The High School Plan 


1. We offer the book My Career Mentor and Me that a mentor/counselor and
mentee can use to execute the
Route 5 Career Pathway Plan. The Plan asks

the mentee to identify tasks they need to complete each year in high school, to
meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals and advance to the next step in school.

2. The mentor/counselor can also use the book The High School Career, College and Life Preparation Program which offers objectives that a mentee can strive to meet each year in high school.

3. The mentor/counselor can also ask the mentee to take an ACT practice test and review the results. We furnish a booklet called Understanding What The ACT Measures and Taking the ACT and Reviewing Your Score

4. We furnish the 2018 and 2019 ACT National Profile Reports so the mentee can see how their practice or real ACT test scores compare to those students taking the ACT nationally.

5. The mentor/counselor can use our book Identifying and Attending
Colleges That Will Help You Enter Your Chosen Career Field
with mentee.

6. The mentor/counselor/teacher can use our book The Five Goal College Plan with H.S. seniors in class just before they graduate from high school. The book helps a college student plan to graduate in four years with a job in their chosen field. Sixty percent graduate in six years with a B.A. or B.S.

7. There are a number of podcasts that can be presented and discussed.

Program # 2-The College Plan

 1. We offer the book The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan that can be
used during a freshman orientation class or with a mentor/counselor. The Plan asks the mentee to identify tasks they need to complete each year in college to meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals to advance.

2. We also offer the book The Five Goal College Plan that helps a college
student plan to graduate in four years with a position in his chosen field.

3. We offer a number of podcasts that students can review & discuss.

4. We offer a number of assessments that college students can take to help
them with career planning and personal growth.

Program # 3- Career Journey Plan

1. Your manager at work or chosen career mentor can help you plan your career pathway. You would use the book The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan that asks you what tasks you need to complete each year to meet Five “P” Career Pathway Goals and advance.

2. Your career mentor or manager can help you advance in your career. Both of you can use the book Excelling as a Team Leader to help you and the department become “Best in Your Field”. The book also can help you move into management.

3. Your career mentor/manager and you can use the book Sharpening My
One-On-One Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills
help you improve your helping and communication skills.

4. If you are looking for a new position, use the book Moving Out and Moving Up- over 3,000 people followed the process in this book to be hired.

5. We also furnish the booklet 10 Job Sites You Should Know

6. You can review podcasts that can help you plan and advance your career.

​Click Here and Review Our BooksAssessments and Podcasts Titles

We also offer weekly Free Webinars to subscribers, such as "Career Planning and Acquiring a New Job" and "Excelling As A Team Unit Leader".

Materials are free because of our sponsors. We do, however, charge for soft covers of the books.

If you would like to meet with a career consultant from Mulligan & Associates, which is an extra fee. You might need:

  • One-On-One Career Pathway Planning (selecting a work sector, industry functional area and future positions)

  • One-On-One College Planning (taking ACT, choosing a college major and college plus finding money for college)

  • One-On-One Job Acquisition Coaching (writing resumes & letters plus strategy on obtaining interviews, interviewing and negotiating practice to gain offers)

  • Coaching on how to Excel as a Team Unit Leader and One-On-One Career Mentor and Performance Facilitator

If you would like to order a soft cover book, please send an email to mike@mulligan1983.com.

Closing Statement


We all have potential and talent. The question is "What is our talent and how do we develop and use it to become what we want to be and can be in our career and life?" Some people can plan their career but not all people have the critical thinking skills to place themselves on the right career pathway. We created the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to help you plan and manage a successful career journey.

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