Manage My Career. Inc, Website

This website was created to help each member of the Nifty 50 Leadership & Career Advancement Club:

Learn the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan, a career planning and management model, that will help them
plan and manage their career until retirement
Execute the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan with mentors from the Triangle Mentoring Team
Register and participate in one or all of our six leadership and career advancement programs so he/she
can end up where they want to be in their career and life 

Have access to 15 career journey education podcasts, 12 pdf books with 20 self- scoring assessments to use in our six career advancement programs. Click Here to review podcasts, books and assessments
Work with a mentor from the Nifty 50 Leadership and Career Advancement Club participating in Six Career Advancement Programs

Triangle Mentoring Team Model

We believe there is no one as smart as all of us when it comes to understanding a situation and developing a plan of action to solve a problem and meet predetermined objectives. We also know it is hard to get ahead in this world alone without someone helping you along the way. Thus, we
created the Triangle Mentoring Team Model 

The three mentors we included in our triangle are:
Career Pathway Mentor- the mentor who helps you understand yourself and the world of work and then
target the work sector, industry, functional area and positions that is the best fit for you.
Career Specialty Mentor- the mentor who teaches you how to complete a specific task (class subject,
computer problem, human relations problem, money problem etc. and one who can educate you on his/her work sector, industry, functional area and position so you can decide if this is the career field for you.
Family Self Manager Mentor- We ask parents to play this mentoring role to help our members become both a self-manager and team player. Both are important behaviors in being successful in school and at work.

Once an individual registers for a program, he/she will start by working with Dr. Mike Mulligan as their Career Pathway Mentor. Parents will assume the role of Family Self Manager Mentor. Career Specialty Mentors will be assigned to educate members about specific work sectors, industries, functional areas and positions and help members complete certain predetermined tasks in their PLAN.

The Six Leadership & Career Advancement Programs

• High School Career Planning, Self-Management & Leadership Development, College Selection, Enrollment
• College Major, Preparation, Graduation, Placement
• Post College Career Field Positioning, Placement and Working with Managers to Advance in Organization
• Being in Management and Excelling as Team Unit Leader
• Becoming an Entrepreneur and Managing Own Business
• Moving Out and Moving Up – Leaving One’s Company for Another- Moving Up in Salary and  Responsibility

Our Operating Philosophy

All members & their mentor can enter the website free to review the career pdf books, assessments & career journey podcasts.

• We charge a starting fee of $550 to register for each career advancement program but the C-Suite program. This fee pays for books, being assessed by Dr. Mulligan, reviewing assessment results, developing a success plan for one's chosen career advancement program and first three months in program.
• We charge a quarterly fee (every three months) of $225 after the initial first 3 months to help members complete their yearly PLAN. We will spend 90 minutes each month One-On-One and conduct monthly support and educational sessions for them.
• We charge a flat fee of $15,000 to help a C-Suite or senior executive get on a Board of another company or leave their company for another. Much of this fee pays a technology firm in New York to get members in front of over 100 CEOs and board members of other companies for conversations and to be hired.

To learn about our policies, mentoring staff and advisory Council, review tab "About Us". Call Dr. Mulligan 847 533-1648 (cell) to discuss your situation and register for a program. You can email him at mike@mulligan1983.

Closing Statement


We all have potential and talent. The question is "What is our talent and how do we develop and use it to become what we want to be and can be in our career and life?" Some people can plan their career but not all people have the critical thinking skills to place themselves on the right career pathway. We created the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to help you plan and manage a successful career journey.

Special Note

If you need to plan your career pathway, career preparation program (college) and obtain employment, please call 847 533-1648 and ask for Dr. Mike Mulligan.​ We have credentialed and experienced career consultants who can help you.

● To learn about our advisory council and operating policies, review tab "About Us".