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College Selection, Graduation, and Employment Competency Survey

Measures what you know about:


  • Preparing for college


  • Selecting the right college


  • Developing a college graduation plan


  • Graduating from college with a job


  • Placing yourself on the right career path


  • Attending graduate or  professional school





Find out what you know by taking the College Selection, Graduation, and Employment Survey

Career Management Competency


Measures what you know about:


  •  Your career stages and challenges


  • Selecting your industry and occupation


  •  Preparing yourself to enter your chosen career


  •  Being able to obtain future positions/jobs


  •  Advancing your career


  • Obtaining fulfillment in your career




Find out what you know by taking the Career Management 

Competency Survey

Ready to take one or both surveys? 

For $35:

You can take the two surveys,

Receive a score report on each survey,

Read information on 85 statements,

Take and score over 20 assessments to learn about yourself,

Hear and view 13 podcasts on education, career planning, finding employment 

and advancing your career.

After paying the fee, join the site by going to either survey page, the survey information, or the podcasts.


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After you have paid, go to the the surveys above and click on the survey you would like to take first and create an account.