Books, Assessments & Podcasts that Help You Identify & Obtain     

   Positions That Place You Where You Ought to Be & Should be.

If you want a soft cover copy of one of five books pictured at the end of this list, you can purchase them now or purchase them after reading the PDF copy.

1. My Career Mentor and Me- Book Used in One-On-One Career Planning and Management Process to Implement

    the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan-meeting Five ”P” Career Growth Goals

2. Preparing For and Taking the ACT tests- Discusses What ACT Measures and How to Take ACT Tests. The

    Document also Provides a Sample ACT Test. Booklet That a Student Can Take as a Practice Test.

3. The 2018 and 2019 ACT National Profile Reports- An Overview of How Two Million Students Performed on the

    ACT. Compare your score with others.

4. The High School Career, College and Life Preparation Program- Operating as a Champion Performer- We Ask

    Students Identify 10 objectives a Year and Meet 7 to be Recognized as a Champion Performer. Career

    Pathway Mentors Can Use This Document with Mentee.

5. Selecting and Attending Colleges That will Help You Launch Your Career Journey- Helps Reader Develops a

    College Selection Profile and Can Google Target Colleges by State for Information and Select those that Match


6. The Five Goal College Plan- A Book that Helps a College Student Identify Tasks They Need to Complete to

     Graduate from College on Time Employed

7. Sharpening My One-One-One Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills –Needed Skills to

    Help Others Make Good Decisions

8. Moving Out and Moving Up- Five Phase Job Finding /Transitioning Program- Over 3,000 in Mulligan program

    used this book.

9. Best Job Search Sites to Find Employment- The places to go to find jobs.

10. Assessing Myself as a Leader –Learning about Self as a Leader

11. Excelling as a Team Leader- Four Phases to Transform Unit and Team Members into Best. A Process Managers

      Should Use with Reports.

Assessments to Help You Plan & Manage Your Career Journey (Found in PDF books at

1. The Mulligan Leadership Personality Assessment- This survey assesses eight personality traits and helps you

    place yourself in a position that fits your personality.

  • Competitiveness or aggressiveness- measures your want to achieve

  • Determination- determines your willingness to achieve

  • Independent- measures your desire to work alone

  • Detailed- measures your liking to work with detail

  • Patient- measures your tolerance for people or projects moving slowly

  • Innovative- measures your liking being creative

  • Helpful- measures your joy and satisfaction in helping others

  • Collaborative-measure your liking to work with others or on a team

2. The Self Manager Assessment- need to become a self manager

3. The Personal Value Survey- what are your personal values?

4. The Work Task Preference Survey- tasks you like doing most

5. The Work Reward Preference Survey- rewards important to you

6. The Work Value Survey- work most important to you

7. The High School Satisfaction Survey- measures satisfaction in H.S.

8. The College Satisfaction Survey- measures satisfaction in college

9. The Work Place Satisfaction Survey -measures satisfaction at work

10. E.Q, Assessment Survey ( social & personal maturity)

11. The Helper Communication Assessment Survey- sharpening skills

12. The Performance Facilitator Assessment Survey- sharpening skills

13. Leadership & Management Task Assessment Survey- sharpening skills

14. The Management Assessment Survey- sharpening management skills

15. The Group Leadership Assessment Survey-sharpening skill

16. Your Behavior in Groups- learning your behavior in groups

17. The Self Actualization Survey- are your needs being met?

18. Herzberg’s Motivation Assessment- what motivates you?

19. The Skill Competency Survey – assessing yourself on 100 skills

20. The College Selection Profile Assessment- picking a college that matches what you are looking for in your


Copyrighted Podcasts to Help Meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals

You are invited to listen and view the following 15 podcasts which relate to meeting yearly Five “P” Career Growth Goals. Go to

  • Positioning Self and Staying on the Right Career Pathway

  • Preparing for Targeted Career Field and Positions

  • Placing Self in Targeted Career Field and Positions

  • Performing at a Your Highest Level in School and at Work to Advance

  • Personal Satisfaction in High School, College and at Work

Dr. Mike Mulligan, the speaker, is CEO of Mulligan & Associates, a 36 year career consulting firm, that has helped over 10,000 individuals with career and educational planning and finding employment. Prior to starting Mulligan & Associates, Dr. Mulligan was Management Development Director for Century 21 of Northern Illinois helping 400 owners recruit performers, manage their business effectively and make profit.

Dr. Mulligan also served as Midwest Regional Director for the American College Testing Program , Director of Orientation and Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Georgia and Chairman of the State of Georgia College Night Program. He also worked as a counselor in the Career Counseling Center at Georgia Tech and academic advisor at Michigan State University. Dr. Mulligan placed six books and10 assessments on this website. He was a Fellow Manager with the Institute of Career Certification International for 20 years certifying individuals as a career counselor.

Special Note: There is a lot of information provided in these podcasts and you might want to review the podcasts that are most relevant to helping you achieve one of the Five “P” Career Growth Goals. You can always come back later and review the ones you need to hear and see for another Career Growth Goal..

Podcast # 1- Discussing the Need Today for High Schools, Colleges and Companies to Establish a Career Pathway Mentoring Program for Their Young Adults and How This Website Can Help.

We will discuss the need to have a Career Pathway Mentoring Program in our high schools, colleges and companies today and then review how the website can help these organizations establish a Career Pathway Mentoring Program. The question is who are the people who will step up to be an in-house Mentoring Program Director to train people to be a Career Pathway Mentor?

Podcast # 2- Discussing the Triangle Mentoring Team Concept and How It Can Be Implemented in High Schools, Colleges and Companies

We will define a mentor according to the dictionary and review the Triangle Mentoring Team Concept describing the role of three mentors, Family Support Mentor, Career Pathway Mentor and Specialist Mentor.. We will discuss how this Model can be established and implemented in high schools, colleges and companies and who would or should fill these mentoring roles.

Podcast #3- Becoming a Career Pathway Mentor

We ask parents, friends, alums, counselors, administrators and management from high schools, colleges and companies to review this podcast. Participants will learn the Young Adult Five Step Career Mentoring Program and Route 5 Career Pathway Plan

  • #1-Review and use the workbook, My Career Mentor and Me. This work book contains the One-On-One Career Planning and Management Process which includes developing and meeting the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan.

  • #2-Execute Section Three of workbook- identifying and completing tasks to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals which make up the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan

  • #3- Execute Section Four of workbook- assess mentee’s career growth and asking him/her to target sector, industry, functional area and future positions.

  • #4 -Review and use information from books and podcasts at website to help mentees be knowledgeable in planning and managing their career pathway

  • #5-Review information about industries at this website to help mentee be knowledgeable about industries.

  • Extra-Participants will take Helping and Performance Facilitation assessments in work book and execute a plan to improve their functioning level in both areas.

Podcast # 4 – Young Adults Learning and Executing the 5 Step Career Mentoring Program  which includes Developing & Meeting a Route 5 Career Pathway Plan.

Parents, counselors/advisors in schools and managers in companies or other chosen Career Pathway Mentors should watch this podcast with their assigned young adult. We will discuss the Young Adult 5 Step Mentoring Program  which includes the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan. The Plan asks mentees to meet the Five “P” Career Growth Goals each year by completing related tasks listed in work book My Career Mentor and Me. We will also cover the Task Expert Process which helps a person becoming an expert in completing specific tasks to meet  goals and objectives.

Podcast # 5 – Positioning Yourself and Staying on the Right Career Pathway

  • We will define what we mean by a career pathway

  • We will discuss why it is so important to position yourself and continue to position yourself on the right career pathway.

  • Self Assessment- We will review how the ACT and SAT and a number of self assessments can help young adults place themselves on the right career pathway.

  • World of Work Assessment- We will discuss the world of work- sectors, industries, functional areas and positions

  • Using information to position yourself and stay on the right career pathway

Podcast # 6 - Developing a College Selection Profile and Selecting and Attending the Colleges or Universities That Will Help You Launch Your Career Journey

There are over 4,600 two and four colleges and universities in the U.S.A. This Podcast discusses why it is important to develop a College Selection Profile, what information should be in your College Selection Profile and how to move forward to select and attend the college (s) that will help you the most in launching your career journey.

Podcast # 7- Obtaining an A.A., B.A. or B.S. on Your Timeline with a Good Job and Little Debt.

The cost to attend a college or university today continues to rise and research shows 70% of students attending a community college do not graduate in three years and 60% of those attending a four college or university graduate in six years. This Podcast discusses why students drop out of college and have so much trouble graduating within a reasonable amount of time and finding a job. This information can help those attending college develop a plan to graduate on their timeline with a good job. Review the book, The Five Goal College Plan on this website.

Podcast # 8 - Working with Your Manager to Transfer Yourself and Department into the Best

The way people advance their career is working with a manager who wants to have his or her reports be the best at what they do and the department best in its’ functional area. This Podcast discusses how to work with your manager to complete the tasks that make you best at what you do and identify future tasks and responsibility that will prepare you for your next target position. Young adults want to work with managers today that will serve as a Career Pathway Mentor and help them and the department be the best so they have a better chance of advancing in their career journey. Young adults can be taught how to work in multiple positions.

Podcast # 9- Stepping Up as a Leader in Your Present and Future Organization

We will discuss the difference between leading and managing and also discuss the difference between playing a team unit leadership and team member leadership role. We encourage our participants to go to books on website and take the assessment- Assessing Myself as a Leader.

Podcast # 10- Know Why People Fail and Succeed at Work

We will review the research on why people fail at work and present what the professionals say you should do to keep your job and advance.

Podcast # 11- Advancing Up the Career Ladder by Obtaining the Right Graduate or Professional Degree and Being Active in Your Professional Organization

We will discuss how obtaining a professional or graduate degree or certification and being in a professional organization can advance your career.

Podcast # 12 - Receiving Personal Fulfillment While in School, College and Work

The days of high school, college and work can be stressful, a lot of fun and fulfilling. We will discuss you taking satisfaction assessment surveys to determine how satisfied you are with high school, college and work. We will also discuss what motivates you and if your needs and work rewards are being met at work. The surveys are in book My Career Mentor and Me.

Podcast # 13- What to Do When Losing Your Job

Millions of people lose their jobs each year and this number will probably continue in the future because of changes continually taking place in the world of work. We will discuss how to handle separation trauma, what to say to people when you lose your job, references, what should be in your severance package and how to handle stress during a job search. Read Moving Out and Moving Up.

Podcast # 14- Job Search- Obtaining a New Position in Your Organization or When Unemployed

We will discuss a five phase job search program to help you obtain a new position with your present employer or when you are unemployed.

Podcast # 15- Developing a Plan to Work for Pay until Retirement

If you are on a 401K at work, the amount of money you need to retire on might not be there when you reach 62. This means if you want to keep the same life style, you might have to keep working for pay. On the other hand, you might want to keep working. We will discuss what you need to do to keep working for pay.


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