Books That Will Help You Plan and Manage Your Career Journey

We charge for certain books and reports and others are free

  • My Career Mentor and Me- Book Used in One-On-One Career Planning and Management Process to Implement the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan- meeting Five ”P” Career Growth Goals- Helps you plan, prepare for and  place self in targeted positions and perform at a high level and gain personal satisfaction from your situation. (click here to purchase a pdf or soft cover of the book)



Books for High School And College Planning And Post College and Graduate School Employment

  • Preparing For and Taking the ACT Tests- Discusses what ACT measures and how to take the four ACT Tests. The document also provides a sample ACT Test so one can take the tests and see how they do. They then know where they need to improve. (click here for free PDF)

  • The ACT 2018 National Profile Report- An Overview of How Two Million Students Performed on the ACT. Compare your score with others in U.S.A. (click here for free pdf)

  • The ACT 2019 National Profile Report -An Overview of How Two Million Students Performed on the ACT. Compare your score with others in U.S.A. (click here for free pdf)

  • The High School Career, College and Life Preparation ProgramOperating as a Champion Performer-Students can identify 10 objectives a year they need to meet to grow. If they meet seven, they can be recognized as a Champion Performer. Career Pathway Mentors can use this document with mentee or teachers can use this document in their class at start of year. (click here to purchase pdf or a copy of the book) *

  • Selecting and Attending Colleges That will Help Me Launch My Career Journey- Helps a student develops a College Selection Profile and then they can google their target colleges by state for information. Career mentors can use this document with mentee or it can be done in a class.(click here to purchase pdf or a copy of the book) *

  • Time Is The Enemy - This is a research document that shows that college students are taking too long to graduate and this is becoming a major issue with the governors from many states. (click here for free PDF)

  • The Five Goal College Plan- A book that can help a high school senior or college freshman get ready for college and then execute The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to graduate on their timeline with a job in their targeted field. This book describes an effective job finding process for students with sample resumes and letters.(click here to purchase a pdf or a copy of the book)

Books for Those Job Hunting and Working

  • Assessing Myself as a Leader – Everyone is asked to step up as a Team Unit Leader and Team Member Leader on the job at some point in time. You can take the assessments in this book and learn where you can improve as a Team Unit Leader and Team Member Leader. Many people have been released because they did not know when and how to play both leadership roles. (click here to purchase a pdf or a copy of the book) *

  • Excelling as a Team Unit Leader- This is one of the best books a team unit leader can own. It describes a four phase process that transforms the unit leader into the best in management, team members best in their field,
    the unit best in its functional area and the organization best in its industry. The team unit leader can use the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan here to help reports be best at present position and future positions. (click here to purchase a pdf or a copy of the book)

  • Moving Out and Moving Up- This is a book that Mulligan & Associates, a career consulting firm, has used with over 3,000 clients. It helps individuals work through the separation trauma of being let go, target and obtain their next position and excel in the new position. (click here to purchase a pdf or a copy of the book)

  • Sharpening My One-One-One Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills –Book has assessments that measure where a person is functioning as a helping communicator and performance  facilitator and then helps person improve their functioning level in those areas. We now live in a technological world. Individuals need to have good attending, listening and responding skills today and know how to help  people and their organization move forward with better planning and execution. (click here to purchase a pdf or a copy of the book)

  • The 10 Best Job Search Sites- If you know your targeted career field and positions, you can go to these sites to see if there is a job you should apply for in an organization. (click here for free pdf)

Assessments to Help You Plan & Manage Your Career Journey

1. The Mulligan Leadership Personality Assessment- This survey assesses eight personality traits and helps you

     place yourself in a position that fits your personality.

  • Competitiveness or aggressiveness- measures your want to achieve

  • Determination- measures your willingness to achieve

  • Independent- can perform tasks alone

  • Detailed- on top of things

  • Patient- don’t blow up easily

  • Innovative- creative

  • Helpful- bring out ideas of others

  • Collaborative-team player

2. The Self Manager Assessment- need to become a self manager
3. The Personal Value Survey- what are your personal values?
4. The Work Task Preference Survey- tasks you like doing most
5. The Work Reward Preference Survey- rewards important to you
6. The Work Value Survey- work most important to you
7. The High School Satisfaction Survey- measures satisfaction
8. The College Satisfaction Survey- measures satisfaction
9. The Work Place Satisfaction Survey -measures satisfaction
10. E.Q. Assessment Survey (social & personal maturity)
11. The Helper Communication Assessment Survey- sharpening skills
12. The Performance Facilitator Assessment Survey- sharpening skills
13. Leadership & Management Task Assessment Survey- sharpening skills
14. The Management Assessment Survey- sharpening management skills
15. The Group Leadership Assessment Survey- sharpening skill
16. Your Behavior in Groups- learning your behavior in groups
17. The Self Actualization Survey- are your needs being met?
18. Herzberg’s Motivation Assessment- what motivates you?
19. The Skill Competency Survey – assessing yourself on 100 skills
20. The College Selection Profile Assessment- picking a college that matches what you are looking for in your


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A book that will help you plan and manage your career journey from high school or where you are today until retirement.

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