My Career Mentor and Me:  
"What are the 5 steps to finding your dream career?"
Your Route 5 Career Pathway Plan:  
"What are the 5 steps to planning your dream career?"
The High School, College and Life Preparation Book:  
"What are the 10 steps to prepare for one's professional career?"
Selecting and Attending Colleges That will Help Me Launch My Career Journey:  
"How do I select the right college or university?"
The Five Goal College Plan:  
"How will I graduate from college with immediate employment?"
Assessing Myself As A Leader:  
"How will my leadership skills advance my career?"
Excelling As A Team Leader:  
"How can my leadership skills maximize the efficiency of my department and/or company?"
Moving Out and Moving Up:  
"How do I transition into my new job as efficiently as possible?"
Sharpening My One-One-One Helping Communication and Performance Facilitation Skills:  
"How will my communication skills advance my career?"
The 10 Best Job Search Websites:  
"What are the 10 best websites to search for a job?"
2019 ACT Profile Report
Time Is The Enemy
Preparing For and Taking the ACT Tests