Learning About Yourself to Excel as a Leader, Advance Your Career
                          & Have Personal Satisfaction in What You Are Doing

• The Mulligan Leadership Personality Assessment- (survey assesses eight personality traits and helps you place yourself in positions that fit your personality & where you can succeed).
• The Self Manager Assessment- (discover your strengths & weaknesses as a self-manager & become one to advance).
• The Personal Value Survey- what are your top personal values?
• The Work Task Preference Survey- (tasks you like doing most at work- working with either people, ideas. data, things)
• The Work Reward Preference Survey- (identifying the rewards you want from work or position. Are these rewards being met?)
• The Work Value Survey- (work that meets your highest value)
• The High School Satisfaction Survey- (measures satisfaction with your high school- what can I do to improve my situation?)
• The College Selection Profile Assessment- (ranking what is most important to you picking a college to attend)
• The College Satisfaction Survey- (measures satisfaction with college- what can I do to improve my situation or transfer)
• The Work Place Satisfaction Survey –(measures satisfaction with work & your environment. Should I look for job elsewhere?)
• . E.Q, Assessment (measures social & personal maturity- key to building personal power with others and being a leader)
• The Helper Communication Assessment-(measures your helping communication skills so you can improve and help others)
• The Performance Facilitator Assessment – (measures your performance facilitation skills so you can improve)
• Leadership & Management Task Assessment – (measures your capability to perform specific leadership and management tasks)
• The Management Assessment – measures your management skills so you can excel as a manager.
• The Group Leadership Assessment – (measuring your skills to lead groups and meet your objectives)
• Your Behavior in Groups- (learning how you behave in groups)
• The Self Actualization Survey- (assessing if your needs are being met which can impact your performance and attitude)
• Herzberg’s Motivation Assessment-( learning what motivates you the most?)
• The Skill Competency Survey – (assessing yourself on 100 skills to learn your strengths and weaknesses)

(Contact Dr. Mulligan at 847 533-1648 and mike@mulligan1983.com to discuss the assessments you would like to take to learn more about yourself. Many of these are in the main books you will review in your program.