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Dr. Michael Mulligan started Mulligan & Associates in 1983, a career consulting firm that has helped 7,500 people with career planning and finding employment. Dr. Mulligan has mentored 100 CEOs and Presidents, 400 franchise owners, 500 Chief Level Officers and 500 managers and professionals and over 100 young adults. He can help individuals look at their career options because he has helped individuals from all industries and functional areas plus writing six career books and creating 10 assessments. He created www.managemycareer.info and supporting materials to help organizations create an inhouse mentoring program to train mentors to help young adults with career direction & managment.

Dr. Mulligan received his Ph.D. in counseling from the University of Georgia, M.A. from Michigan State University in counseling and B.A. in history from Alma College. His Ph.D. program focused on assessment, counseling, motivation and leadership. Dr. Mulligan worked earlier serving as Management Development Director for Century 21 of Northern Illinois, as an academic advisor at Michigan State, Asst. Director of Admissions at the U of Georgia, Counselor in the Georgia Tech Counseling Center and Regional Director of the American College Testing Program. He also served as Chairman of the State of Georgia College Night Program and Chairman of the Career Advisory Council at Alma College.

Steve Blondell, M.B.A. is known in executive circles as a leading connector, a title earned through his own collective experience as a Chair of Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG) – Chicago Suburban Chapter, business developer, and a trusted financial leader. His proactive desire to match business professionals with their target position theymost need to be successful, and to help those to meet their sustainable personal satisfaction goals is a gift that has served him well. He has an M.B.A. from Keller Graduate School and B.S. from Valparaiso University. His career has spanned a broad spectrum of organizations from Fortune 500 industries including Zurich North America, General Electric Commercial Finance Services, American Family Insurance to small, privately-held businesses.

Keith North has worked as a Senior Vice President for Mulligan & Associates helping hundreds of clients from all industries and functional areas with career planning and finding employment. He has a M.A. in Administration from Northern Illinois University and B.A. from Cornell College. His earlier career included working in career services with young adults in School District 214 and business.

Jerry Donahue has served as Asst. Director of Career Services at the Medill School of Journalism Career Center at Northwestern University, Director of Career Services and Coordinator of Employer Relations at St. Norbert College, Director of the Career Center at Canisius College, Director of Career Placement Services at Indiana University and Career Consultant in the Engineering Career Resource Center, College of Engineering at the University of Michigan He earned an M.ED. in curriculum & supervision from Loyola University & a B.C.E. in Civil Engineering from the University of Detroit. He is a member of The National Association of Colleges and Employers, Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers & Society of Human Resource Management.

Suzanne Starmann, C.C.I., has been a member of our staff for over 25 years and helped over 2,500 individuals plan and advance their career. She has an English major from Alma College and is certified as a Career Counselor by the International Career Certification Institute.

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Advisory Council

Dr. George M. Gazda - Research Professor Emeritus, College of Education, University of Georgia, Served as Past President American Counseling Association, President of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, President and Co-Founder, Association for Specialist in Group Work, President of Counseling Psychology of APA,
Authored and Co-Authored 16 Books- Major Professor of Dr. Mike Mulligan

Dennis Hall – Former Chairman: European multinational roofing company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chairman: US/Japanese joint venture global shipping container company, Managing Director: Publicly listed Australian manufacturing company, President: NYSE listed multi-industry, multi-national manufacturing company. Owner and partner of private equity firm.

Robert Keith - Employee Relations Consultant-Former Senior Vice President of CNA insurance and former school board member of the Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth, IL Raised four children. One attended the Naval Academy and is now a top pilot.

Dr. William Muse - Former President of Auburn University, East Carolina University, University of Akron. Past Executive Director of the National Issues Forum Institute in Dayton, Ohio (conducted national seminars on the challenges facing higher education today).

Ben Sacor is presently a student at the University of Missouri majoring in computer science He helped create our website. He played on the varsity baseball team at Maine South and he and his friends provide input to us on what young adults in college need in regard to mentoring help.

Amy Sacor - Math Teacher in Park Ridge School District, Mother of three children who has one in junior high, high school and college. She gives us great input on what parents face today.

Richy Waller -  Mechanical Engineering Major, Graduate from Michigan State University. Richy provides input to us based on the mentoring needs of those just out of college. He also helps us with our website when needed.

Richmond Waller- Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft-Midwest Region

Milton Wordlow - Mentee of Dr. Mulligan for the last 35 years; father of five children who are attending high school and college. Milton provides input on helping children from minority homes.

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Mulligan & Associates Inc., Inc. a career management consulting firm, was founded in 1983 by Dr. Mulligan and has helped over 7,500 people with career planning and finding employment.

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