Our Mission:

To help those 15 to 60 years of age achieve their ultimate career and life goals by executing the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan completing specific tasks each year to meet the following

Five “P” Career Growth Goals:

Position Self On The Right Career Pathway

Prepare Self For Targeted Career 

   Field and Positions

Place Self In Targeted Career Field and Positions

Perform Specific Tasks In High School, College

   and Work To Meet Growth Goals and Advance

Personal Satisfaction In Your Situation and

   Performance In High School, College and Work

Manage My Career.Info

A website that introduces the



that will help place you on a career
pathway that will keep you employed and advance you to the places where you want to be in your career and life.

ManageMyCareer. Info


  • 14 Career Books and Assessments

  • 15 Career Educational Podcasts- Go to tab "podcasts" to review

Review Our 14 Books and Assessments

Our Two Flagship Books

  • The Route 5 Career Pathway Plan (can use alone, with Career Mentor and a peer group) 

  • My Career Mentor and Me (written for Career Mentor- same material as Route 5 Pathway Book to use with mentee) 

These flagship books can be used by students in high school, college and those at work or
unemployed. They introduce the three stages of 
The One-On-One Career Planning and Management Process that focuses on the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan.

The Plan asks you to identify and complete tasks each year to meet Five “P” Career Growth Goals. By meeting these goals, you gradually advance to where you want to be and should be in your career and life. The goals include:

One. Positioning self on the right career pathway (work sector, industry, functional area and positions)

Two- Preparing self for targeted career field and future positions (high school or college curriculum, internships, apprenticeships, trade school, graduate or professional school, on job training or certification)

Three- Placing self in targeted career field and future positions (knowing ways to get interviews and sell yourself to hiring managers and future colleagues)

Four-.Performing at a high level completing tasks to advance in high school, college and at work.

Five- Personal satisfaction in completing tasks and interacting with others in school, college and work.

You can implement the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan alone, with a Career Mentor or in a group
setting with your peers. Each peer plays the role of a specialty mentor sharing information to help you develop the right career pathway plan. You can keep peer group together as long as you want to help each other plan career and stay employed.

The tasks to be completed to meet growth goals are identified in our two flagship books but other
tasks can be added from the following books.

High School Books and Reports

  • The High School Career, College and Life  Preparation Program *

  • Understanding What The ACT Measures Taking the ACT and Reviewing Your Scores

  • Reviewing the 2018 ACT National Profile Report and Comparing Your ACT scores Against Others who took the ACT

  • Reviewing the 2019 ACT National Profile Report and Comparing Your ACT scores Against Others who took the ACT

  • Time is the Enemy- a report on our colleges

  • Identifying and Attending the Colleges That Will Help You Launch Your Career Journey*

College Book and Booklets

  • The Five Goal College Plan *

  • Assessing Self as a Team Unit & Team Member Leader and Becoming Both*

  • Ten Job Search Sites You Should Know- Books That Will Help You Advance Your Career

  • Excelling as a Team Leader*

  • Sharpening My One-On-One Performance Facilitation & Helping Communication Skills*

  • Moving Out and Moving Up* -3,500 used book when released from their organization

*We charge a fee for a PDF or a soft cover book where you see an asterisk by book. We do not
charge for books and reports written by others. You can review our 15 career education podcasts
and attend our on-line webinars that discuss specific book topics free. We recommend you
purchase a PDF or soft cover book for specific webinars and review book and take assessments
before attending. You will get more out of webinar.

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Execute a Plan & End Up Where You Want to Be

  • More than 500,000 students who take the ACT each year are unsure of their career field and

       college major. This causes over 60% of college students to change their major two or three

       times prolonging graduation and increasing debt.

  • Should students have a Return On Investment Plan based on the cost of a college degree?

  • Census.gov reports close to 40% of young adults between 18 and 35 live at home zigzagging from job to job looking for career direction.

  • Artificial intelligence and unusual circumstances are costing millions of people their jobs.

  • Pensions are disappearing. Will someone employ you after 60? What is your plan?

Closing Statement

We all have potential and talent. The question is, & "What is our talent and how do we develop and use it to become what we want to be and can be in our career and life?"; Some people have no trouble planning their career but not all people have the
critical thinking skill to place themselves on the right career pathway. We created the Route 5 Career Pathway Plan to help you plan and manage a successful and enjoyable career journey.

Special Note

If you presently do not have a Career Mentor and you would like one, please call 847 533-1648 and ask for Dr. Mike Mulligan.​ Our fees are very reasonable. We
have some of the most credentialed and experienced career consultants you can find.

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